100% organic CBD OILS , all THC free!


The AZOTH CBD products do not  contain THC  (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and are therefore legal worldwide.

The prodcution process meets strict requirements and is controlled from the hemp (cannabis) seeds until the final products bottling.


Health Benefits:

CBD is considered as a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, found in cannabis which has many health benefits. The molecule Cannabidiol (CBD) and the carrier coconut oil can be supportive in various health situations.

The rich CBD oil is a promising legal health product, suitable for many applications. These are only few of the many benefits CBD oil has!

Stressful situations, Sleeping & Mood:

·       Helps with nervous feelings

·       Helps to balance feelings during stress situations

·       Helps to stop the feeling of unrest

·       Calms restlessness

·       Promotes a natural rest

·       Aids in a good nights sleep

·      Helps promote a good mood

·       Good for the nervous system


Psychological function and nervous system:

·       For mental resilience

·      Relaxes nerves and the feeling of unrest

·       Aids in a good mental balance

·       Facilitates a normal muscle operation

Food & digestive system:

·       Good for a healthy digestion

·       Regulates intestinal activity

·       Standardizes appetite

·       decreases the desire for food/snacking

·       Aids in the balance between positive and negative bacteria in the gut

·       Contains antioxidants (protecting the healthy bacteria)

·       promotes a healthy stool

·       Increases the resistance against unfavorable bacteria and fungi

·       Helps protect against stomach wall disorders


Specific discomforts and other Benefits:

·       Helps control the blood sugar content

·       Supports the healing power of the skin

·       For a good bone formation

·       Good for the blood pressure

·       Aids relieve the pains associated with rheumatism

·       Helps in the transportation of oxygen in the body

·       Aids with blood circulation which can help with cold hands and feet

·       For a good stomach function

·       Helps with mood swings during the menstrual cycle

·       protects against symptoms of old age


 100% certified:

Azoth CBD is an organic product. All the links in the production process must meet strict requirements and be inspected from the hemp seeds right to the bottling of the final product. We can guarantee you that our products are tested by our stringent checks, which are carried out during the whole production process, are of the highest possible quality. We believe in transparency, whilst the health of our customers is paramount.The CBD oil of Azoth is produced from their own hemp plants, which are kept in a safe and clean environment without harmful substances that aid growth, in our own hemp fields. Both the pure raw materials as well as the used extracts are tested for quality. This results in a pure and pristine product. Azoth is located in the Netherlands. 


 The CBD-oil is extracted from the flower and leaf of the hemp flat. The AZOTH CBD production method is the safest, but also the most expensive way to gain CBD . The plant material is under high pressure and is cooled using CO2The CBD oil is extracted, resulting in very pure oil which has retained its medicinal properties. AAZOTH invested in the best machines and equipment to produce pharmaceutical level CBD oil. There are few other producers that can match their product.


Azoth guarantees that they deliver what is described on the label. The founders have background experience in the biotechnology and chemistry industry. That means that they are committed to providing a consistent and thoroughly tested product with exact quantities CBD.

You can put your health at risk by using CBD oil by produced by companies using chemicals and solvents, residues, pesticides, heavy metals, micro-organisms, fungi, and other impurities.

The health of our customers is their main concern.