Packaging material

At TOTAL POSTAL you will also find a big selection of packaging material

Cartons in many different sizes

Packaging for architecture plans

Environmentally friendly filling material

Bubble wrap

Strong tape

Bubble wrap envelopes

Other special packaging material...

If you need 1 carton or 1000, TOTAL POSTAL can help you with all your packaging requirements. If there is anything you need, but you can not see in our stores? Just let us know, we will organize it for you. Just give us a ring.

Packaging service:

When you need to send fragile items or to pack difficult goods? Let the experts from TOTAL POSTAL pack your items. We make sure all your items get packed safely, whichever transport they need to go by.

You only want to take a fragile item with you on the plane? We will pack that for you as well.

We will take the hassle out of your transportation + packaging requirements.