TOTAL POSTAL Postal Service

Postal service:

You would like to send a greeting card to your family or a letter to your bank?


We take care of all your postal requirements

We offer a range of different service levels

Standard service:  Standard airmail service world wide.

Priority service: Airmail service with priority treatment. (Not available to every country)

Your company sends bulk mailings or mailings out regularly? We can take care of this as well.

Publicity letters, catalogues, subscription service. If you have  volumes of post to send, take the hassle out of dealing with your post office and call TOTAL POSTAL to arrange a collection and get all your postal sendings on the way.

Bulk postal sendings can be collected, sorted, processed and delivered.

No need for you to visit the post office, wasting time in stressful queues. Let the professionals from TOTAL POSTAL deal with it.

 If you need stationery products, TOTAL POSTAL can also supply envelopes in various types and   sizes      at   reasonable prices.