Your Post, TOTAL POSTAL`s solution.  

Renting a post box at TOTAL POSTAL will make life easier for you!

  • Daily delivery to your postbox: we treat your letters and parcels with care!
  • Never miss a delivery with a signature anymore! TOTAL POSTAL signs for any package or document that requires a signature. Once it arrived at the TOTAL POSTAL store you will get automatically  an Email  that your delivery has arrived.
  • Phone in mail check, there is no need to make a special trip to your postbox, just telephone the store and our helpful staff will check to see if you have anything in your postbox.
  • Longer opening hours than conventional post offices mean we are able to serve you better.
  • Hassle free receipt of letters or parcels that need your signature: we receive, sign and keep these for you, enabling you to collect them at your convenience.
  • You are using our prestigious high street address. Unlike the post office we receive documents & parcels from any private carrier on your behalf.
  • Purchased something from Amazon or any other online shop? Don´t stay at home waiting for the delivery. Get it sent to your post box! We sign and accept delivery. Collect it when it suits you*.
  • Mail forwarding service worldwide: you are on holiday or away for a longer period? No problem, we forward your mail worldwide.

The speed at which you receive your forwarded items depends entirely upon your instructions. Your requirements may differ from once per month via the postal service, to once or twice weekly with the overnight courier service. All options are possible and can be organised before the post forwarding service commences.

As a business user you are more likely to visit your postbox more regularly and can look at Total Postal as an extension of your office, whether it is for sending documents via our postal and courier services, faxing, copying (black/white & colour), scanning,  purchasing your stationary or using our Internet service.


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Parcelbox solution:

  • TOTAL POSTAL`s Parcel box
  • You want to receive parcels anytime and safe without being at home or at work?
  • You want to order on the Internet, but you are worried that you will not be in for delivery?
  • Here is your solution!
  • Get your parcelbox address at TOTAL POSTAL.
  • A street address with signature
  • Every transport company delivers and TOTAL POSTAL signs for you.
  • You collect at your convenience*

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