Packaging material

At TOTAL POSTAL you will also find a big selection of packaging material

Cartons in many different sizes

Packaging for architecture plans

Environmentally friendly filling material

Bubble wrap

Strong tape

Bubble wrap envelopes

Other special packaging material...

If you need 1 carton or 1000, Total Postal can help you with all your packaging requirements. If there is anything you need, but you can not see in our stores? Just let us know, we will organize it for you. Just give us a ring.

Packaging service:

When you need to send fragile items or to pack difficult goods? Let the experts from Total Postal pack your items. We make sure all your items get packed safely, whichever transport they need to go by.

You only want to take a fragile item with you on the plane? We will pack that for you as well.

We will take the hassle out of your transportation + packaging requirements.


TOTAL POSTAL offers a wide range of high quality as well as economical stationery & office material.

We also have a big selection of envelopes in many different sizes: from standard sizes to any oversize. With or without windows, with or without bubble wrap.

You will find items in our stores from many well known manufacturers:

TOTAL POSTAL ´S Photocopying service

TOTAL POSTAL stores offer a complete copy service.

Which includes:

  • B/W  & colour digital laser copies up to A3 size
  • Collating
  • Laminiating service up to A3
  • Binding service
  • Passport copies plastified in credit card sizes
  • Copies on colour paper
  • Business cards
  • Menus

We only use high quality digital copiers. We can copy your files from your CD or USB sticks.

You are to busy to come to the store to get all the copies done?

Send your files by Email and we will have them all ready for you when you come in.

Why don’t you get a large colour copy from your favourite photographs?

We can enlarge them up to DIN A3. so that they last longer we plastify them for you. Plastifying service to protect your menus, poster, photographs etc.

Translation service & design service available.

Public fax

The public fax service at TOTAL POSTAL offers you the possibility to send and receive faxes.

No need to invest in your own fax machine and fax line.

Express Money  Transfer

TOtAL POSTAL is agent for MoneyGram International, a leading money transfer company, enables consumers who are not fully served by traditional financial institutions to meet their financial needs. MoneyGram offers money transfer services worldwide through a global network of 334,000 agent locations -- - in 200 countries and territories. Enabling  customers to reach whomever they need — whenever and wherever. Clients recognize that they are a leader in the industry, and are proud to leverage the power of the MoneyGram brand and network.

How do I send money from TOTAL POSTAL through MoneyGram?

  • Visit your local  TOTAL POSTAL store, bringing a form of photo identification* with you  and the money you want to send and the transfer fee.
  • Total Postal will complete the forms for you  
  •  You will be given a Reference Number.
  •  Contact the person to whom you're sending the money, and give the Receiver the Reference Number.

SIM cards and top ups

Spains cheapest mobile phone calls with Hitsmobile.

Come in and get your Sim card with Hits. Keep your number or get a new one.

Unbeatable internatational phonecall tariffs from your mobile phone.

Top up your hits number, or get the cheapest package  for calls and Internet for your mobile phone.